"Jungle" represents the dynamic state of cognitive behavior of a human mind. Dynamic duality of utter unstability. It’s like a jungle. 

There is a side that is completely dark, yet, colorful and flamboyant. There is always an external push that butchers the harmony and causes dilemma which separates the mind into two which is your logic and emotions. Your left side tells you what to do. It represents logic. There’s always a curtain that hides your real thoughts from surreal. It always suggests you to apply what you already know and provides you a safe space, far away from risky. Everything is either black or white. There are no colours. It is straightforward; everything is as the way it is as in solid reality. People you see as everyday, your environment and what is going on around you are all you can see with your left side. It is always conflicting with your right side which represents imagination apart from the “reality”. It is more fantastic and surreal. Even though two of the sides are very contrasting in terms of textures, colours, techniques, both sides have a common context which is conflict. There’s always a journey inside. It includes fears, happiness, all the humanly actions that we genuinely feel inside; we would like to liberate them but hesitate to let all out.

Sound Design: KAOSMOS

Screened at:
○ Brighton Digital Festival I Brighton Dome|Brighton, UK

○ Patterns|Brighton, UK
○ University of Sussex, Creative Zone|Brighton, UK
Duality of the Mind: Left Side vs. Right Side

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