Cansu Topaloglu is currently an Istanbul-based multi-disciplinary artist with a background in graphic design, aiming to make distinctly ambiguous visuals by the hybridity of various disciplines. She works with a wide range of mediums to create distorted/manipulated imagery, and mostly seeks to connect digital & analogue forms with a sentimental & intimate whilst fluid & dynamic gaze. Her work constitutes an intuitive fashion by compounding experimentalism. Her interests consist of blending organic/analogue visual techniques with machinic technologies, and creating digital media through the agency of technology. She has been establishing online & offline presence as a digital media artist / visual designer / writer / editor / curator / researcher through conferences, social media, magazines, journals, zines and publicly exhibiting internationally. // #cansumakesstuff // #cansutakesphotos

Curriculum Vitae​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Please feel free to drop me a line if you would like to collaborate!

GALIP / Pasaj Istanbul / Istanbul, Turkey
○ "Terms and Conditions May Apply" / Annka Kultys Gallery / London, UK 
PMS / Augmented Reality Exhibition / Bomontiada Alt / Istanbul, Turkey
"The Blended Exhibition: A Matter of Narrative", Room + Rumors Art Department / Istanbul, Turkey 
Claustrum / Istanbul Maker Faire / Video installation on multiple transparent surface / Istanbul, Turkey
○ PMS / Augmented Reality Exhibition / Bina, Istanbul, Turkey 
○ "Jungle" / Brighton Digital Festival / Brighton Dome, UK
○ "Jungle" / Patterns / Brighton, UK
○ "Spectral Moon" Interactive A/V Installation / Digital Humanities Lab, University of Sussex / Brighton, UK
○ Video Installation / First Floors Sounds / Patterns / Brighton, UK
○ "Punkt" / Multiple Screen Installation / University of Sussex / Brighton, UK

○ "Expanded Media in Artistic Production: Forms & Practices" / Guest Lecturer/Artist Talk / Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey
○ "Media Archaeologies", Peer Review Journal by Monash University / Prato, Italy
○ Independent Academic Research on Digital Humanities / University of Sussex 
○ Newspaper Publishing on Media Archaeologies in Digital Humanities: A Genealogy of Digital Humanities, Archives and Interfaces / APRJA, Aarhus University, Denmark + Transmediale, Conversation Piece / Berlin, Germany
○ Excessive Research Team / Contemporary Art Lab-Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Biennial, UK

○ Art Noise / Online Exhibition, Artist / Digital Art Gallery for International Artists (Collaborated Project with Fabrica Art Gallery) /
○ Spinocchia Freund London / Artist Spot

○ Patterns Brighton / Quarter Four on Crack Mag & Resident Advisor / Brighton, UK
○ Mode7Records / Brighton, UK
○ Mr. Frank / Tote Bag Photography Project / Amsterdam, the Netherlands
○ The Space (BBC and Arts Council England) and the British Council / Project for displaced artists in Syria / UK

○ Lazar / Turkey-based Zine Series / Issue 2 / Istanbul, Turkey
○ Hyrsteria Zine / Baltimore-based visual literary zine series / Issue 2 / Maryland, US
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