An audio-visual installation project “Claustrum” reflects perplexities, restlessness, fear and exposure of societies and individuals that have been saddled by hopelessness and forcible suppression. The combination of organic and digital is blended by the agency of experimentalism on multiple transparent surfaces in accordance with the critical and philosophical themes such as “existentialism”, “conceptualism” and “the relationship between human, machine and society” through the hybridity of various disciplines.

Along with CICA Museum in South Korea, "Claustrum" has been exhibited at Istanbul Maker Faire majorly focusing on maker culture, technologies and ever collaborative spirit through an interdisciplinary approach in Haydarpasa Train Station which is a deserted area.

Sound Design: Ori Pevzner Bashan

Exhibited at:
○ Istanbul Maker Faire 2017, Turkey | #MFIST17

○ "New Texture: The 4th International Exhibition on New Media Art", CICA Museum, South Korea

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